Conditional logic results from forms

Hello, I have a big Forminator form that uses Conditional logic. The results that are emailed back to me include all form fields mixed in with the conditional logic results data. Is there a way to only send the form fields that have been selected and filled by the users?
Also the dropdown multi-choice questions show the first option in the emailed results, which is confusing. So is there a way to just show a drop-down result if it has been selected?

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    Hello zapprabbit

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I think that you still got an "{all_fields}" macro defined in the e-mail template and that's why it's sending you all the fields.

    I've setup a simple form on my site to test it. It had a text filed being shown only upon certain condition and then a multiple choice filed being shown only upon other (related to text field) condition.

    Then in form "Emails" settings I edited template and instead of a default one I put there macros for specific form fields only, in this case for name, email, text filed and multiple choice field.

    Then I submitted the form a couple of times with different data and:

    - if none of the conditional fields were shown on form, no data from them was sent
    - if text field was shown but not multiple choice, I got value from text field but no data from multiple choice
    - if text field and multiple choice was submitted, I got value from txt field and only a selected option(s) from multiple choice.

    So, the bottom line is, if I correctly understand the case, what you'd want to do would be to edit the mail template(s) on "Emails" settings page for your form and make sure that {all_fileds} macro is not there but instead only add macros for your specific fields. Forminator shoudl then automatically send data only for the fields that were submitted (so if field was not shown based on conditional logic, it shouldn't be sent) and for multiple choice fields only selected options values.

    The macros to be used can be added via editor button:

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