Conditional Membership Levels

Our membership site is a fairly basic membership site; it currently only has one subscription level, but the membership does have a few conditional requirements that we need to determine if Membership is capable of handling.

All members will be paying the same subscription price, but their subscription validity is dependent on some external factors. This is a Teaching/Training resource site, and in order to be a member, the user has to be certified through the company training. This is handled on a different site, and will be fairly easy to set up, the part that doesn’t currently seem to be supported by the Membership plugin is the conditional elements. If the user completes certification for additional courses, they will gain access to course specific content as outlined below:

There is only one payment level, $10/month, but based on the teacher’s various certifications, they have access to different kinds of content. We have 3 levels of global content, as well as several “conditional” content levels.

So, a teacher can be level 1, level 2, or level 3, and have access to content on their level and below, but they can also opt for advanced training, at which point they can have access to conditional content (based on external purchases or certifications). We currently have 3 optional programs we offer to level 3 teachers; Red, Blue, Green. If they complete the proper off-site requirements, they can access any combination of these programs.

For instance, as a level 3 member they can complete prerequisites for the Red program and gain access to “Red” content as well as all basic level 3 content. A different level 3 member may complete the prerequisites for both Blue and Green programs, and have access to all “Blue” and “Green” content, but not “Red” and still maintain access for all basic Level 3 content. Perhaps an Outline would help:

Level 1

– all level 1 content

Level 2

– all level 1 content

– all level 2 content

Level 3

– all Level 2 content

– all Level 3 content


– all Level 3 content

– all Red content


– all Level 3 content

– all Blue content


– all Level 3 content

– all Green content

and a user can have any combination of the Red, Green, and/or Blue content

I would be very cumbersome to set up every combination of level 3 areas, especially as we add new programs, so it would be best if we could have Levels, as well as conditional content.

Hope that all makes sense. Is this something that’s possible to add in, or any thoughts on it as a future feature?