Conditional Multi-Domain Options

Good Evening WPMUDEVers:

So, I am using pro sites and want site owners to be able to have domain mapping, as well as multi-domain options.

Here is my questions, with hypothetical facts:

- User1 creates a blog on my site, which is called, for example only, my site is a subdomain install, so user's site is: so far so good.

-User1 now wishes to map his site to his own domain. Using domain mapping plugin, provided by my site, user maps his own site, called, over to Now, people can find the site at both URLs, the mapped URL of, and the original URL at my site:

-Here is the tricky part:

Let's say that my site has multi-domains.

For instance,, and

Now, the way I want it set up, is that everyone whose site is about jellydonuts (just imagine for a minute that there is some way to objectively verify this conditional criteria) is to have a multi-domain option: they can have their site at both and, two domains that my site owns and provides. so, when our user1 registers on my site, if his blog is about jelly donuts, he will have the multi domain option of, and

if his site is about cream donuts, he will only have the option of because his site is not about jelly donuts, he cannot use there are no other domains provided by my site except for and there is no but a cream donut is still a donut, so is more than sufficient. it's only jelly donuts, my blogging obsession, that are so special that they get their own multi-domain treatment.

let's assume either complete honesty of those registering in providing the correct category of donuts on their site at time of registration, or, a moderated verification process. either way, assume that i can enforce the rule that if your site is not about jellydonuts, you cannot have that domain, and must use just

so, are there any conditional domain mapping options? how does this work? one problem i see is that when a person, let's say user2, who writes only about cream donuts, creates a domain, and is not entitled to a domain, then the "user2" subdomain remains available at a few days later, a person who actually does blog about jelly donuts, whose name is also user2, comes to register. but he cannot register, because to do so would also require him to have, which is already taken by the first user2, our cream donuts blogger. so, even though the subdomain is available in, it is not also available in and therefore cannot be used to register a subdomain to my site.

is that true?

when he goes to map the multi-domains, how does this work?

Is the domain mapping plugin set up to handle mapping to multi-domains?

does the multi-domain plugin have any conditional capabilities? [if user selection on register is jelly donuts, then give or assign to both domains; if not, then only allow user a single domain].

the hardest case to understand, for me at least: what happens when user1 has used multi-domain to have a site at both domains (i.e., he does write about jelly donuts), and then uses domain mapping. can he map his own domain to both of my domains? so then there would be 3 possibilities for arriving at his site:,, and am i understanding this correctly?

any help, ideas, and answers would be most appreciated. sorry if the question is disorganized or rambling. trying my best to present the problem.


  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @eblogger,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your question.

    I have taken a look at this for you and out of the box, there isn't any conditionals like this.

    For example, a user would sign up and use either or donuts,com and wouldn't have a blog at both even if they were blogging about jellydonuts,com.

    So this would mean, that is user 1 came along and signed up for a blog at, that would still leave free for another user to sign up with.

    Both users, and could then using Domain Mapping, map their sub domain blog on your site to their own domain. Such as and So their sites would now be accessible at and, along with and :slight_smile:

    Hope that makes sense, I'm here to help :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

  • eblogger
    • Flash Drive

    thank you for taking the time to answer that.

    so, what you have shown is that my understanding of the multi-domain plugin was fundamentally flawed. glad that you have corrected me and i can try to figure this out.

    so, you are saying that it is **not** true that if you offer several domains, that the user optionally gets them all, or can get them all. rather, they can pick any one, and then do whatever other domain mapping they want to do, with the domain mapping plugin installed, with their own outside domain (or technically, at their option, several outside domains (or domains that they have purchased from my enom account)).

    therefore, returning to my example, they can either pick or at my site, at least with the domain mapping plugin.

    now that i understand this, is there any way to limit who would be entitled to pick domains. i.e., all new sites are, by default, subs of, but certain users, perhaps those who pay to upgrade, can have a choice to use either. is there any pro sites option to provide this function to a certain level. or a way using membership to have the user pay for (or otherwise be granted) the right to do this?

    ok, well, for the foreseeable future, i must make a choice. my users will either be able to use domain A or domain B, and can map the domain as they wish. i need to figure out a way to make sure that, when given the choice of multi-domains, cream donuts people are not registering for jelly donuts! maybe the answer is to create two completely different MU installs. one with multi-domains installed and one without. based upon a response in the registration process, force cream donuts over to the install for registration there (where there is no multi-domain option), while jelly writers will be free to pick either domain, at the current install where multi-domains is installed. however, the downside to that, if it were even possible, is that then you are managing two separately running networks instead of one big one. thanks again for taking up the issue. if i have stated anything else wrong, please correct me so that i can move forward.

  • Jack Kitterhing
    • Code Norris

    Hi there @eblogger,

    That's correct, they basically choose from one of the domains, multi-domains is designed to allow a end user to select from mulitple domains to setup their sub site at.

    One way to do what you want is to use something like Gravity forms and have a conditional form that if they want/need cream donuts you can create that site from the network admin, as you could make creamdonuts private so not everyone can automatically use it, while jelly donut users can get their domain and setup straight away.

    With Pro Sites, you can block off Domain Mapping for certain levels, but not Multi-domains at the moment :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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