[Q&A] Conditional Tags

I am attempting to use Conditional Tags when displaying the Q&A categories in my template. However, it does not appear the plugin conforms. I have tried the following without success:


Because Q&A does not use a shortcode into a page or post I have no idea what it is. Please help!

(I am speaking to the /questions/, /questions/unanswered/, and /questions/ask/ pages. The question pages themselves seem to work just fine.)

  • bhafer

    Yes, I understand, and am doing that. I am attempting to use Conditional Tags with these pages for my sidebar widgets. This will display certain widgets on certain pages, posts and types. Unfortunately, even using your custom template files I cannot seem to define what your files are (e.g. single, page, category). I even attempted to use the tag is_page_template --- is_page_template( 'ask-question.php' ) --- without success. The Q&A plugin is unique and would be a lot simpler if I could just place shortcodes to view or ask questions instead of it going off into it's own template.

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