Conditional tags for individual Group pages

I'm using BP Social. On the main group page and on each of the individual group pages there's a Group Right widget for the right sidebar. The widget loads the same info for the main group page and the individual group pages. I'd like to make it group specific so that when members of the group Human Rights go to their group page, for example, they see information filtered for that group similar to what BP does by default for the displayed members on the left. It shows only members of that group.
In a more specific example, I'm using the Q&A plugin and am displaying recent questions in the Group Right widget. I have a question category Human rights. I'd like all the questions to show on the main Groups page, and then have the human rights questions show on the Human rights group page and the Environment questions show on the Environment Group page.
I tried to do this using the Widget Logic plugin. The problem so far is that the main groups page has a page ID, 23, but the individual groups don't seem to have IDs.
I found a related question for another theme and the suggestion to inspect the avatar element for each group. I did that and found that the Human rights group has Avatar-4.
I've tried several conditional tags is_page (Groups-4) is_page(4) etc without any luck. Any suggestions? Are there actual page IDs for the groups that I can find? Is there some other conditional tag to identify an individual group?