Conditionally load script and style will decrease memory usage?

So my wordpress site front page is using almost 100mb memory usage according to New Relic. I want to lower this number. Obviously, when I disable plugin entire, it lower the number of memory usage. But all my plugin are essential for my site to run. So I am wondering, is there a way to conditionally load plugin based on page?

Question 1: Does conditionally load style sheet and script based on page help reducing the memory usage (NOT load time or Yslow score, but server memory usage)?

I know loading less style sheet and script increase the YSlow score. But I only care about Memory Usage for now. Is it worth an effort to conditionally load stylesheet and script?

Beside disabling plugins and/or conditionally load style / script, what other way to reduce memory usage?

I use Memory Viewers to check and it says “plugins_loaded” take 80mb. And the rest combined only take 10mb more. What the hell is the first plugins_loaded and why it takes so dang high memory? And how can I lower that number (and what contribute to that number?)