config clarification e news letter

Well... woaw !!!!

This is gooooood !

Just to be clear what is the meaning of that :

Limit send: (CRON) (0 or blank for unlimited)
Emails per (CRON) ('Never' - not use CRON for send emails)

is it the number of mails sent and pause bentween 2 sents ?


There is some kind of tutorial in order to create templates ?


Is there a way to make templates availabe ONLY for a specific site ?

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice


    Those two settings control the number of e-mails sent over a certain period.

    For example if you enter '10' in the first and select '5 mins' in the second, that will translate to 10 e-mails being sent every 5 minutes until all the e-mails are sent out.

    Selecting 'Never' will meant that all e-mails are sent immediately.


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