configuration advice for appointments with different situations


I'm testing appointments+ now and I think I need some help with the configuration I think.
We have a Bar (pub) were we need two totally different calendar/reservation pages. After reading Appointment plug-in, it seems the solution so we bought it.

Situation 1)
This is a page for non members to make a reservation to use the bar for personal goals (eg birthday, party, etc.)
*A public page for non-members
*Calendar monthly based
*Reservation available on Monday and Wednesday evening
*Only possible to reservation for hole evening
*non-members can make a appointment (additional user info should be nice)
*specific member should be informed when a reservation was made

Situation 2)
This page is ment for bar personal the create a log of when they were in the bar. It should not be visible for non-members.
*Only visible for members (page settings I guess)
*One or more bar members at the time should be able to log that they were in the bar.
*available from Monday to Friday on different start end ending time
*time blocks of 15min

I'm having some trouble setting this up.
Main problem is the two calenders with two different time schedules.
Service providers seems to give this option, but I don't want to use a member for that.

How do I fix this best? :slight_smile:

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    You can indeed have two different calendars in two different pages, but Appointments+ requires your service providers to be members of your website.

    This is because A+ is not a reservation plugin, it is one-to-one appointments plugin. That is, a single service provider is supposed to serve a single client.

    By the way, there is no other way to add two different calendars; there must be an ID to define them and provider's schedule define them.

    But still you can achieve this. Why don't you simply create 2 dummy users as service providers? Then you can define different working hours for them. Just redirect those dummy users emails' to your email using your hosting settings.

    Then on your page 1 add [app_monthly_schedule worker="5"]
    and on page 2 add [app_monthly_schedule worker="10"]
    Note: Worker numbers are just examples. Replace them by your service provider ID's.
    Add other necessary shortcodes, e.g. confirmation shortcode for both pages and payment shortcode, if needed.

    Now, your schedules are adjusted according to what you set for worker 5 and 10.


  • mortydot
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    Hi Hakan,

    Thank you for your fast replay.

    That is not a solution. The member part is quit restricted so creating dummy users is not a solution at all. I know a lot of situations where you do not make a reservation with a user but a 'object/thing'.

    *Renting company with huge equipment
    *Sport clinics that have for each product a different opening/renting time's
    *Shops/restaurants with different rooms/services

    Should it not be a better (not a big suggestion to build I think) to be able to use next to users a alternative?

    Looking forward to your reaction,
    Kinds regards,

  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    I explained the purpose of Appointments+. This is not intented to be a reservations/booking plugin.

    We just started working on a Bookings+ plugin, but as this is a huge project, it will take a few months to finish.


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