configuration advice for appointments with different situations


I’m testing appointments+ now and I think I need some help with the configuration I think.

We have a Bar (pub) were we need two totally different calendar/reservation pages. After reading Appointment plug-in, it seems the solution so we bought it.

Situation 1)

This is a page for non members to make a reservation to use the bar for personal goals (eg birthday, party, etc.)

*A public page for non-members

*Calendar monthly based

*Reservation available on Monday and Wednesday evening

*Only possible to reservation for hole evening

*non-members can make a appointment (additional user info should be nice)

*specific member should be informed when a reservation was made

Situation 2)

This page is ment for bar personal the create a log of when they were in the bar. It should not be visible for non-members.

*Only visible for members (page settings I guess)

*One or more bar members at the time should be able to log that they were in the bar.

*available from Monday to Friday on different start end ending time

*time blocks of 15min

I’m having some trouble setting this up.

Main problem is the two calenders with two different time schedules.

Service providers seems to give this option, but I don’t want to use a member for that.

How do I fix this best? :slight_smile: