Configuration of Appointments + Plugin

I would like to make the plug in behave in a manner where I can book entire day appointments. My purpose for the plug in is as a VIP Registration system. I have been in conversation with Bojan about this.

The original thread on WordPress can be found at:

The most recent reply from Bojan to my question was:

Hey there dbrewerton,

I'm still not sure what you're planing to use that plugin for with appointments lite. Could you please add more information so I can try to test this out :slight_smile:

Can the hours be hidden using a CSS call from the editor?

If you're referring to the available hours displayed on the right side of the calendar then the answer is yes it can be removed with some custom CSS but the problem with that is when this is done you'll not be able to book an appointment since you need to select time slot in order for appointment form to appear.

If you're looking to book for the whole duration of service hours you could use weekly calendar which works a bit differently. It display days of the week with available time already displayed so you can just click once for the appointment,

So, can I pass the time value into the booking automatically like perhaps using a tag or something similar?