Configuration questions about Edu Clean theme


I'm looking for some guidance on configuring & tweaking the Edu-Clean theme. Wordpress version is 3.0.4 set to subdomain network mode. I'm not planning to use BuddyPress.

1) All authors and blogs will be set up by admin – Is it possible to remove the login box from the middle center of the main page? What about the sign-up for a blog option from the main colored band?

2) Is it possible to make “Latest News” scrape the latest say 6 or 7 posts from the most recently updated blogs? Using “Wordpress Featured Posts” and “WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages” set to “main blog” mode does not seem to work on Edu Clean, meanwhile these plugins were working exactly as advertised & intended on the default Wordpress 2010 theme and several others. Why is that? It seems that with Edu Clean, the latest posts from the sub-domain blogs never even make it into the /feed/ .

3) If the “Featured Block” is on “post mode”, it appears there can be only one category active to scrape posts from? That seems quite limiting, which is why I was thinking of using it in service mode, and implementing option 2 above (featured posts & sitewide tags plugins) to get latest posts regardless of category from sub blogs.

4) How do the thumbnails get created in the feature block when it is in post mode? Is this from the featured image option in the sub-domain blog’s posts? Or is some other method used?

5) Looking in the theme editor, it seems as though Edu Clean has options for 2 column and full width styles (Blog and News Page Template, Full Width Page Template), with 2 column being the default. How to switch between them?

6) For me, this is very minor, but I'm still curious - I never see Edu Clean as a child theme in my theme choices, despite the directory structure being correct, as faar as I can tell. Due to the way my host works, I can not upload via FTP (from hosting tech "WP files must be owned by Apache, meanwhile your FTP login uploads as a different owner), so all themes and plugins are installed via the WP admin interface - could this be the problem why no child theme shows up - Edu Clean was installed via WP admin / Themes / Install Themes by uploading the zip?

Any info, or links to a Edu Clean specific tutorial (not the generic install instructions found on the theme page) are appreciated...


  • DavidM

    Hello bobohobo,

    First off, welcome to WPMU Dev! We're glad to have you here!

    We usually request that separate forum posts be made for each specific issue where possible. It helps for when people are searching for specific issues.

    I'll try and address all your points here but please understand, this one may take a moment or two. :wink:

    1) Please refer to the following post regarding removal of the login box. It's for a different theme but the process should fundamentally be the same.

    2) I'll have to test this one out, which may take a moment to setup the scenario. Will get back to this one.

    3) Have you tried to see if categories with sub-categories work through this option and if so, would that work for you?

    4) The thumbnails are, as you hinted at, generated from the "Featured Image" option in the posts.

    5) When writing pages, you'll see the Template options in the Page Attributes area from which you can select the various page templates. The option is not available in the posts section because of the nature of posts, howeer.

    6) Child themes are usually located in the themes folder within the individual theme folders. So for Edu-clean you should see it in the Edu-clean/themes folder. You should be able to extract that folder and put it in a zip file of its own for uploading directly into the themes area of the admin interface. The following details the child theme creation in general though.

    Hope that helps!


  • bobohobo

    Thanks for your reply, David.

    Wanted to clarify regarding 3, 4 & 6:

    3) Most people would probably set up flat categories like this if left to their own devices:
    Author 1 in Blog 1: football - soccer - baseball - basketball
    Author 2 in Blog 2: Formula 1 Racing - Indy Racing - Rally Racing

    In such a scenario, the super admin of Edu Clean would have to choose one of the 7 categories to be featured, and keep rotating it manually if (s)he wanted variety.

    Meanwhile, what you are suggesting is this:

    - Football |
    - Soccer | - Author 1 creates these under Sports in Blog 1
    - Baseball |
    - Basketball |

    - Formula 1 Racing |
    - Indy Racing | - Author 2 creates these under sports in blog 2
    - Rally Racing |

    Then in theory, Edu-Clean sees all 7 categories aggregated under Sports across the 2 different blogs, and scrapes the latest thing the authors might happen to post into the left side featured area?

    If that is what you mean, I'll set up a test and try it.

    4) Regarding the thumb coming from the featured image - this would then preclude the use of any theme that does not support featured images, correct? So it would be imperative that the WP MU install only have themes availble that are featured image compatible, and to insist that all authors use the featured image in their posts.

    6) As per WP network instructions, my WP install is in document root. As such, edu-clean looks like this:

    Then, there is a directory that looks like this:


    and that directory contains the following:

    drwxr-xr-x 4 apache apache 4096 Feb 2 20:48 _inc
    -rw-r--r-- 1 apache apache 49215 Feb 2 20:48 screenshot.png
    -rw-r--r-- 1 apache apache 1475 Feb 2 20:48 style.css

    Further checking reveals that the _inc directory contains subdirectories css and images.

    Is this not the correct structure? Based on the link you sent me, which I had read several times previous to posting, I was under the impression that what was created by the zip install from the admin interface was in fact correct, but I definitely do not see a child theme in the admin - > themes area. What am I missing here?

  • Richie_KS


    @issue 3 - featured post from global blog
    i don't think edu-clean had this features..the featured only grab post from main blog chosen category only and not category from all network blog.

    @issue 4 - thumbnails in featured post-mode
    yes..the featured images either auto grap images from the post-attachment (you can sort the image to show by first or on top in post gallery) or post-author can use the write post featured image on right panel.

    @issue 6 - files inside edu-clean/themes/edu-clean-child
    that's the new child theme structure we revamp while need to extract the edu-clean-child folder to wp-content/themes/ if you want to use child theme..if not...its ok to just leave them there.


  • bobohobo


    Featured Block set to service mode - bugs:

    Enter a service headline like: Don't Use Commas

    The first time you save settings, one back-slash is added in front of the apostrophe. The second time you save, three, the third time you save, six... and so on, ad nauseum. All of which need to be deleted before each save, otherwise they make your headline longer and longer.

    Try to put a link in the service short text - either a sub blog, or an external site, and you'll get not just one problem, but two:

    The " in the <a href=" syntax get turned into %20 after you've saved the service short text, and then hover over the link to see it.

    Additionally, the top level domain of the WP MU install is prepended to the domain you are trying to link to, so you end up with something gawd awful like this when you hover over the link:

    which obviously doesn't work so well when you click on it.

    All of which adds up to make service mode kind of useless at the moment. What are the odds of getting that fixed so that service mode is a little more usable?

    Since you are aparently the author of this theme, I'd also like to know why point #2 from my original post is not working with your theme - the plugins “Wordpress Featured Posts” and “WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages” set to “main blog” mode do not seem to scrape the latest posts into the top level blog when your theme is active, meanwhile they work with Wordpress's own 2010 theme, and several other free themes I tried.

  • bobohobo

    Wordpress Featured Posts by Andrea:

    and as per her recommendacion,

    WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages by Donncha

    Both are in the WP Codex for installation inside the plugins page in an active install of WP.

    Feature Posts is added as a menu item in MU Super Admin, and Sitewide Tags adds additional items at the bottom of Super Admin -> Options. Option 2, "Post to Main Blog" literally copies X number of most recent posts into the top level blog's posts section. Donncha indicates "Remember to to add a post loop to home.php in the theme directory if it exists" below the post to main blog option, however Andrea states in a Wordpress support forums post that this is in fact not required. Eitehr way, these plugins do work, scooping the latest posts into the top level blog when the top level theme is TwentyTen on WP 3.x.x, but do not work - no new posts appear - when the top level theme is Edu-Clean.

  • DavidM

    Hi bobohobo,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Admittedly, since there were so many queries here I was lost as to which ones were answered and which were not. :slight_smile:

    Regarding the child theme location, within the theme's zip file you correctly noted the location of the child theme. However, that location won't make the child theme appear in your themes list and really is only there to make it a bit easier to use a child theme. Normally this would be done from scratch, usually with a single style.css in a child folder. That said, it was actually confusing for myself at first as well.

    The location you'd posted was as follows.

    The location you'll actually want the child theme to be in is this.

    Hope that helps!


  • Sonja

    I am having a problem with the Edu-Clean Theme. I uploaded everything correctly, however I keep receiving the following error code:

    Webpage error details

    Message: Unterminated string constant
    Line: 157
    Char: 86
    Code: 0

    I have the setting properly set up under the Featured Block Settings loacated on the Appearance Menu e.g. Service Mode and no category set since only Post requires category set to Featured

    I am unable to upload a jpg, png, and gif file as it states I can. I can locate it, but when I click Upload nothing is happening.

    Has anyone resolved this issue themselves and if so how or simply advise. Thanks.

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