Configure appointements+ and market to show classes multiple people can register and pay for?

Ive read through the FAQs for Appointment+ but I cannot seem to configure a proper appointment showing the class I want people to be able to pre-purchase, allowing multiple registrants and also individual time slots for personal training. I'm just lost here and its growing more and more frustrating. Is it possible to get 1-1 time booked with support?

  • Patrick

    Hi @sara

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    No, unfortunately we do not offer individual support sessions as part of our premium memberships. And we cannot be hired outside of the forums... clear conflict of interest, that. :slight_smile:

    You should first set up your classes and individual training as separate services.

    You can then add as many dummy service providers as there are places available for your classes. For example, if you have a limit of 20 places for an class, create 20 dummy service providers and assign to them the class. That way, 20 people can book appointments for the same class.

    On the other hand, for your individual training sessions, you can assign as many service providers as available, but use the Capacity feature to limit it to only 1

  • Patrick


    The page you linked to above shows a simple table that is either hard-coded in the page template, or created using a plugin like TablePress:

    That table has really nothing to do with either MarketPress or Appointments+. Neither of them can generate a table like that.

    do you have a way that I can grid the products to look like that schedule page I posted? It would be great if the user could click on one of the classes, be taken to the appointment confirm window and payment page. Is this do-able?

    It is definitely doable with TablePress and the time required to create the table and add in all the links you need.

    But before doing that, it would be preferable to get things working between Appointments+ and MarketPress.

    You would want to create a MarketPress product for each class and training session you offer. Then, in each of those products, add the following Appointments+ shortcodes (change the service ID to the actual ID of the service being offered):

    [app_schedule service="2"]

    That will create a weekly appointment table on the product page with the time slots available for that specific class or training session. The user experience is as follows:

    1. Views the product page for the selected appointment type, and selects desired time (you can link to these specific products in the table you create for the purpose).

    2. Clicks to confirm appointment, then adds to cart ( button appears once confirmed).

    3. Goes to shopping cart to checkout.

    For more details on how to set things up, be sure to review the following section in the Appoitnmenst+ FAQ:
    How does integration with MarketPress work? Are there any special considerations?

    Also please review in detail the available Appointments+ shortocodes and their parameters.

  • sara

    @Patrick Cohen I think I am going to cheat this a little bit and use events+ for the classes. It seems better equipped to do what I want with the classes.

    So, the remaining question is, can I keep appointments+ up for the 1-1 personal training appointments and since I am syncing events+ with gcal as I am with appointments+, it should show as unavailable for events/class times. Does that make sense?

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