Configure the membership to send info with the new site activation

I began to prepare my blog site to sell with "pro-sites" and the module "Pay To Blog".

I have to send my client a serial number for the software activation. This code must be different for each customer by a group of codes that I have available.

How can I configure the membership plugin to send the code with the activation of a new site?

I hope it is clear

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, fballor! Happy Friday!

    If I'm understanding you correctly, you want a code sent to users who sign up for a subscription to your site that allows them to get a Pro Site, correct? Or is there some third-party software you're wanting to use that requires a serial number?

    Our Membership plugin supports invite codes, but those are to get a membership subscription, not for Pro Sites. Pro Sites doesn't currently support invite codes, but I know that's a popular feature request.

    I can add a feature request here for our dev to look at! If this is an urgent situation, it may be worth looking at hiring an independent dev, like through our Jobs Board, to create an extension of Pro Sites for you.


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