Configuring and styling the Directory plugin and custom fields to they are clickable tags and catego

Please see:

1) I’d like to format this differently. Is there any documentation?

2) I’d like for the “pricing options”, “build for” values to be clickable listing tags. How do I do this?

3) I’d like for the “features / core functionality” to all be clickable listing categories. How do I do this?

4) I’d like for the “site” value to be a clickable outbound link by default without a user needing to enter html.

5) I’d like to reorder the content of the listing to something like:

– Title

– Avg Rating

– Your Rating

– Pricing options (with tags as described above)

– Built for (with tags as described above)

– Features / Core Functionality (with categories as described above)

– Description

– Site

– Contact User

Lastly, I’d like to have related tools be listed underneath in a “Related Listings” section.

I’d also like to have “Related Blog Posts” listed underneath.