Configuring "In Post Ads"

just installed "In Post Ads", and it works pretty good.

Only 1 question:
I set insertion after 4 paragraphs, but due to images in the article some ads are cut off n half.
Good ad:
Bad Ad:
(PS: The ads on the top & bottom are generated through another plugin)

Is there any way to prevent this ?


    Hi again @ACME

    I am not very good in coding, what does this shippnet do exactly ?

    No problem. We're also here to help you learn some new stuff

    The snippet is a bit of CSS that simply tells the ad to make sure that everything above, both left and right, is clear before displaying itself. It's kind of like adding an invisible, yet unpassable, horizontal line under the lowest element directly above the ad.

    Now to get that CSS into your theme so it can do its job. First thing is to activate the child-theme of the one you are using. This is so you don't lose your customizations when you update your theme, which will be the parent theme.

    I can see that you are using our WPMU-Nelo theme. From your computer, open the wpmu-nelo/themes folder. Inside, you'll see a folder called wpmu-nelo-child. That's the child-theme we want.

    Inside that folder, open lib/css. There is only one file in that folder called child-style-sample. Rename that file child-style. Then copy the snippet above and paste it in that file, after everything else.

    Save the file you just modified, then upload the entire wpmu-nelo-child folder to your site's wp-content/themes folder using FTP.

    Once that is done, go to "Appearance" > "Themes" in your wp-admin, and activate WPMU Nelo Child theme. Refresh a page on your site, and you should see your ads playing nicely with the rest of your post content.

    Great! Now that you have activated a child-theme, anytime you want to add some custom CSS styling like we just did, add it to the child-style file. Anytime you update WPMU-Nelo, your child-theme will inherit the updated functions, but all your custom work will remain intact.

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member


    Greetings ACME,

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