Configuring MarketPress for Auctions

I could use some advice.

I want to start up an auction site. So I need Multisite or BuddyPress.

Through research I have found that to run MultiSite successfully I need a dedicated server to handle the install due to the size of it.

Why is it that when I research BuddyPress I am led to believe that BuddyPress can run successfully upon a shared hosting plan?

Am I deceiving myself?

The question is can I run a small auction site using BuddyPress on a Shared Hosting plan?

My shared hosting plan allows for roughly 600 connections before I become a ‘bad neighbor’.

I believe this is perfect to ‘test’ my idea as 600 conections allows for proving if the site is going to be a success or not.

Can someone familiar with BuddyPress please reply.

Thanx in advance.