Configuring MarketPress to sell digital CD downloads on a 'per track' basis

I would like to use Market Press to sell a CD as a digital download, and as a physical product and ALSO, on a 'per track' basis.

I need not only to be able to play each track sample but to display a list of tracks for the CD, with a 'buy' button for each so that the buyer can buy selected tracks, OR the entire CD, to be sent to the Cart.

It doesn't look like this is possible for digital download display using this plugin?

Please see attached screenshots of an Amazon Cd online display, which is what i would like, and, the only way i can get it to display in Market Press...which displays each track as a individual product and not in a list form.

Please let me know whether and how this can be done...and if Market Press cannot handle it, it would be a great future plugin/addon for WPMU ?