Configuring theme look and of (Buddypress) Forum – to look like 'EduBlogs BBPress Forum'

Hi,, I am currently using the EduBlogs theme on a beta site. I also have Buddypress activated.

My question is: Is there a way to configure the Forums part such that it would have a similar look and feel and functionality of the “Edublogs bbpress” forum – this is where (as I observe) one can have main topics (like “Installation”, “Customer Service” ,etc), and users basically can create topic threads off of those main topics. This provides a great way to organize forum topics, and would limit discussions to those topics. Please advise.

  • Philip John
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    I’m afraid there isn’t, other than custom building-in the Edublog bbPress theme into the Edublogs theme.

    We are looking at rolling the bbPress bit in anyway to improve the theme for the new bbPress 2.0 but that’s not ready yet…



  • lionsarah2011
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    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the response. On that note, I’ve been trying to test the features of the “EduBlogs bbpress” on a clean install, and this may have been addressed before (I did do a search but didn’t come up with a discussion that reflected what I was looking for). If you could reply back with a link or quick info on basically resolving my issue:

    I downloaded EduBlogs bbpress on a clean WP installation. This default WP install comes with the default TwentyTen theme. I also downloaded the bbpress plug-in and activated it – I did not install Buddypress for this clean installation, and attempted to install the EduBlogs bbpress theme – according to the installation instructions, I have to place eduBB folder inside the bb-templates folder of the current theme (which would be the TwentyTen). I tried searching for this folder under TwentyTen theme, but could not locate it.

    So I’ve done a clean WP install, activated bbpress plug-in, and tried to install the “Edublogs bbpress” theme. Please advise on where I should place the eduBB (EduBlogs bbpress folder) in my site, so I’ll be able to activate this (Edublogs bbpress theme) and use it on my test site. Regards.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    I’m afraid the bbPress Edublogs theme isn’t compatible with the latest version (v2.0) of bbPress – it’s only compatible with pre-2.0 versions.

    That’s because pre-2.0 bbPress is a standalone product, not a WP plugin. So bbPress now uses WordPress themes where it didn’t before and as the bbPress Edublogs theme is not a WP theme, it’s not compatible.

    That might not make sense but I wanted to at least explain :slight_smile:

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