Confirmation e-mails for appointments +

Hi there,

I have set up my calendar and am happy everything is working apart from the fact that the confirmation and reminder e-mails do not seem to be going out.

I have booked several appointments for myself using a Yahoo, hotmail and squirrel mail accounts and the only one that received the e-mails was the Squirrel Mail account which is also my admin e-mail.

The access to my site is open.

Could someone please advise?

Many thanks,


  • Dharmendra
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello Allan,

    I hope you are well today!

    Thanks for posting on the forums, and sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.

    I have checked the settings it seems perfect. So I think there might be some issue with your hosts SMTP or settings.

    I have also checked the logs via WordPress admin area ==> Appointment ==> Settings ==> Logs (tab) and found few logs for a confirmation message sent.

    Do you get ALL other emails from your site?

    Take care!

  • allanlove
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hi thanks for the response.

    I am receiving e-mails from contact forms being filled out on the site but they go to my admin address.

    Does that mean my SMTP settings are okay?

    The admin address is receiving the notification e-mail but no other address is so it is my clients not receiving confirmations. I am receiving them.

    I have just tried disabling Formidable plugin and then booking an appointment in case there is some interference but this did not make any difference.

    Any further advice would be appreciated,


  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello again @allanlove, I hope you're well today!

    The Appoiontments+ plugin logs say that the emails are being sent, so this issue is probably due to thew server configuration or a plugin/theme conflict of some sort.

    The easiest way to make sure that this is not due to some server configuration issue is to completely bypass your mailserver and use a 3rd-party service like mailchimp to send emails. This will also ensure that the emails senty from your site are not marked as spam so it's generally not a bad thing. Try this:
    1. Create a new account on (mailchimp's service for transactional emails)
    2. Install and configure this plugin on your site:

    That should take care of it...

    Let me know if that helps!


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