Confirmation email and auto-confirm not working

Hi, today I became a premium member mostly because of the Appointments+ plugin. After playing a bit with it and mostly having everything working, I found out that when I make an appointment (even for free services) I don't receive the confirmation emails (neither client or admin). I must go manually to each appointment in pending status and tick the resend option. There's another error with the resend, because it tells you that no changes have been made...

I have also tested activating the Auto-confirm free appointments in the settings, but that doesn't work either, as they still show as pending.

What's the point of making reservations if the client or admin don't receive a notification that it has been made?

Perhaps there's something I'm missing. Thanks!


    Greetings noowa,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV!

    Thank you for the question and the first thing that comes to mind is does the host allow outbound email without going through SMTP? i.e. Do they block the use of wp_mail function?

    May we please have a screen shot of your settings that are located logged into the admin dashboard? i.e. Logged into the admin dashboard go to Appointments --> Settings --> General tab --> screen shot of those settings please.

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe


    The wp_mail function works correctly as I can send mails through contact forms and also resend the appointment mails, but for some reason I don't receive a mail when I complete an appointment.

    I thought I should receive a mail when finished and a mail when confirmed (if the option is checked in settings)



    Is it possible to confirm if you have the 'payment required' in the 'General' tab set to 'Yes' or 'No'.

    I ask because from your report you seem to indicate that some services are free and some that the client has to pay for when making the appointment.

    If I'm correct in my assumption then I'm pretty sure that 'Auto Confirm' only works if the 'payment required' is set to 'No' and the client would pay for the service at a later date.

    If you have the 'payment required' set to 'Yes' then I'm sure that Admin then receives notification payment has been made and they have to check the payment details and then set the appointment to 'Confirm'. This should then send the confirmation emails based on how you have set the settings.
    So even if you have set the charge for free services as 0 then Admin will still have to confirm the appointment before the confirmation email is sent.

    To confirm on our website we have 'payment required' set to 'No' and it 'auto confirm' set to 'Yes' and it works fine by auto setting the appointment to confirm and auto sending an email confirmation.

    Hope this helps


    I had the Payment required set to YES. I have just tested disabling it and I receive the mail to the admin's email telling "An appointment requires your confirmation", but the client does not receive any mail like, for example, "your appointment is the following and is awaiting confirmation". I have also tested confirming the appointment from the admin's panel, and the client doesn't receive the mail.

    What's the point of having an appointment form if I can only choose between payment required or not, I can't have free services and others you need to pay for?
    I have tested all possible combinations. If payment is required, and autoconfirm OFF, and I make an appointment with a free service, neither client or admin receive mail, even though it's set as pending.

    I became a member only because of this plugin, because after doing some research everyone seemed to agree that this was the best appointments plugin available, but from my point of view it is not as good as others I have seen. I thought it would already be stable and full of possibilities but it's really limited. Mails not working correctly and no customization of the forms, and also it would be great to change the calendar input method.

    I hope we can reach a solution. Regards



    As far as I am aware the plug-in is working correctly as per the agreed functionality, and works fine on our website.
    The functionality allows:-

    1. Auto email confirmation of the appointment if the 'payment required' is set to 'No'
    2. If 'payment required' set to 'Yes' then the appointment cannot be confirmed until Admin has checked payment details. Once Admin checks the payment details they can set the appointment to 'confirmed' and the client/service provider/admin are sent an auto email confirmation dependant on the settings you have made.
    I accept this may not match your requirements but in my view the plug-in works as expected.

    If you have the following settings this should send an email pending notification to Admin and confirmation email to client/service provider/admin:-

    1. 'General' tab
    'Accessibility Settings' tab: set 'Auto Confirm' to 'No'

    'Payment Settings' tab set 'Payment required' to 'Yes'

    'Notifications Settings' section:-
    a. 'Send Confirmation email' set to 'Yes' - this will send a confirmation email to the client/service provider/admin when admin has set appointment to 'confirmed'
    b. 'Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required' set to 'Yes' - this will send an email to admin to inform them a new appointment has been made.

    I would suggest if you require the functionality to auto send a pending or confirmation email for free services when you have 'payment required' set to 'Yes' then submit a post requesting an enhancement to the plug-in so it can be considered.

    Hope this helps


    I have it exactly as you mention, and I don't receive any notification (neither admin or client) that the appointment has been done and awaiting confirmation. But if I go to the admin panel I can see the pending appointment. If I turn required payment to OFF, then I do receive notification that there is an appointment requiring confirmation. In other words, admin notification only works when require payment is OFF.

    I want to be notified either when require payment is ON or OFF, and either the client does an appointment for a free or non-free service. What's the point of making a reservation system in your page if you aren't notified that appointments have been made?

    I hope you understand what I'm saying. I have no problem in giving you access to the admin panel as I'm currently doing some testing for development.



    I would be more than happy to review your settings in your admin dashboard but to confirm only Admin will receive a 'pending appointment' email not the client/service provider.

    The client will receive a 'confirmed' email once admin have confirmed the appointment.

    I also just wanted to check: when you have 'payment required' set to 'Yes' do you make an appointment and then make the payment?

    If so how would I make the payment?

    Before you provide any admin access could you confirm how you are making the appointment on behalf of the client?

    ie. Have you created a Wordpress user profile for the client or are you logged in as Admin when you are making the appointment?

    If you are logged in as Admin try making an appointment for the client from another browser where you are not logged in and then check if Admin receives a 'pending appointment' email notification.



    Hi SteveB,

    I do all my tests with different browsers and with no user logged in. I have tested when require payment is activated to make a reservation for both free and paid services. By the way, is there anyway of changing the page you'll be redirected when you cancel the paypal payment? I'm always redirected to the homepage, I would like to be redirected to a transaction error page.

    Thaks for your help


    Hi noowa,

    I'll try and answer your question about redirect on PayPal cancellation first.

    If I've understood correctly then the client has selected a service, date and time and clicked the PayPal button to pay and has been directed through to PayPal.

    They then decide they want to cancel.

    If I'm correct then I would suggest this relates to the PayPal api end.

    If you search for something like 'redirect on paypal cancellation' in google search there are some posts that suggest a method of adding a redirect url.

    As for your problem with email notifications.
    I appreciate you have provided previous screenshots but is it possible you could provide a further screenshot of all of your 'general' tab as it is currently setup?



    Greetings noowa,

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    This action will also bring your ticket up front back in plain view again within the ticket system.

    Thank you for being a WPMU DEV Community Member!

    Cheers, Joe


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