confirmation email rules need to be more flexible

We have two requests:

-Under 'Notification Settings,' if I set 'Send Confirmation email' to 'Yes' then it sends an email to the client, the service provider, and the site admin. This is too inflexible for one of the sites in our multisite (also happens to be the first site trying to use this plugin), the site in question is for a multifaceted department, which also makes their website multipurpose. The site admin has no connection to the photography group, so he understandably does not want confirmation emails for photography appointments junking up his inbox.

Seems like the plugin could apply to a broader range of use cases if there were three separate options to control this, so if the person building the forms wants to send a confirmation email to the client alone, or any combination of client, admin, and service provider, they can without changing the code base for their theme, which is the only solution available at the moment, and its a bandaid, it doesn't really solve the whole problem.

-Also, the lack of a 'Sent From' or 'Reply To:' setting causes a similar issue. Looks like this plugin just pulls the site admin's email, which will bring the admin back into the appointments 'loop' even if the problem outlined above is resolved

To be clear about the exact nature of this situation, here is an example: a client completes the form and the confirmation email is sent. This confirmation email is sent from the admin's email, so the 'Reply To' email is the admin's email. If the client then replies to that email with important info, that reply goes back to the site admin who has to figure out who the service provider is so the email can be routed correctly.

A radio button for 'sent from' with the possible selections being admin or service provider would be very helpful. or for ideas on an even more flexible model, check out gravity forms implementation for confirmation emails.

Overall, we really like this plugin, but I think these changes would make it much more useful to a broader audience. And we actually won't be able to use it without more flexibility concerning the confirmation emails.

Thanks for your consideration!

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Howdy @cbenson583

    Although the plugin does not have a UI for this, it does provide for hooks that can easily do what you're looking at. app_confirmation_message .

    Also something as simple as the code below can take the admin out of the equation.

    add_filter('app_confirmation_disable_admin', function() { return true; } ) ;

    That being said, I will mark this as a feature request so the powers that be can look in


  • cbenson583
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Awesome, thanks!

    It would be great if it were eventually added to the UI, the hooks are good (and appreciated for sure), but it could turn into a headache over time adding to functions.php every time a site in our multisite wants to remove the admin from emails :slight_smile:

    Thanks again!

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