Confirmation emails not working


I have just used the 'Add New' button in the Appointments+ plugin backend.

The slots were definitely booked out, because when I went to try and make a booking for the same time in the front end, it told me the slot had already been taken.

However, I did not receive a confirmation email to the address I provided. I setup two different appointments, with two different email addresses and neither of them received a confirmation email.

When I removed one of them, I got a 'confirmation of removal' email - so it seems the issue is only with the initial confirmation email.

Please help, thanks, Phil.

  • Phil
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    As a follow up here guys, as I said above, the bookings definitely worked because if you try to book the same slot in the front end, it tells you that that slot is no longer available.

    However, when I inspected the code in the browser, I noticed that the table data for that slot still has a class of "free". See two attached screenshots. One showing the confirmed booking time in the backend, of 12pm on Sunday 11th October, and the other, showing the code inspector in Firefox which displays "free" for the time slot.

    This is why the correct colour is not showing in the front end.

    I just need it fixing asap :slight_smile:

  • Phil
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey Bojan,

    In response to your message:

    1. Yes, I have just done a test booking from the front end (as though I were a real buyer) and I received the confirmation email no problem. So it looks like the confirmation email doesn't come through only if you're booking from the backend.

    2. Yes, they were definitely marked as 'confirmed' when booking from the back end

    3. Yes, I have done a 're-send email' check and still received nothing.

    Thanks, Phil.

  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey @Phil,

    I did some testing on your site and I can confirm the issue, only removal email is sent to the client when appointment is made. However, I can't recreate this on my end.

    Can you please try testing for theme/plugin conflicts to see if that could be the reason for this? To do that try testing for a conflict by following the flowchart on this page here:

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Best regards,

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