Confirmation on Supporter & Easy Blogging Compatibility


I read a post somewhere in the forums that there might be a compatibility issue between your supporter plugin and your easy blogging plugin (and perhaps the other "easy" blogging wizard, etc. plugins),

Can someone confirm this?

  • jabbermonkey

    Thanks David,

    I posted an issue about a week ago and I didn't see a response to it...upon more searching I did see an incompatibility POSSIBILITY. Since you are running it without issues, I'll take that as a good thing.

    SO, here's the problem. You know when you sign up a person without a blog site...just a user?

    Well, I have the Easy Blogging system installed (HAD), AND the Supporter System. This is what happened:

    1. I registered a "plain old user".
    2. When I logged in as that user, I got to a blank screen.

    3. When I disabled the Easy Blogging System and logged in with the same user, I was given a normal "plain old user" backend.

    How can the WPMU DEV help me?
    What steps can I take to get the most out of combining both of these great systems?


  • DavidM

    Hey jabbermonkey,

    I did check through the same exact scenario on a test site and it did succeed. A new user create from the front-end could get to the back-end profile screen after registration. So something is definitely different between my setup and your own.

    Do you have a lot of other plugins running? It sounds like this may be a matter of a conflict with another plugin.

    Most importantly at this point, can you check your error logs and let me know what you find?