Confirming Appointment on GCal

After a client sets an appointment on website through Appointments+, the email notification is sent, but there is no event created on GCal. I assume that a "pending" appointment should show up on GCal and that same appointment should be able to be confirmed on GCal.

The "Test Connection" (from "Profile" page) is successful.

  • EricL

    Can the appointment/event be confirmed on GCal or can it only be confirmed from within Appointments+ itself?

    When the appointment shows up on GCal, whatever I have tried does not result in a confirmed appointment (on GCal or within appointments+). Also, I created a secondary calendar for appointments, but pending appointments appear in the primary calendar. If the appointment is confirmed thru appointments+, it then shows up on the correct appointment calendar, but the same appointment (pending) remains on primary calendar.

  • pxwm

    Hi Eric,

    Could you please screenpost all the settings in your 'Google Calendar' tab.

    You also state you have created a secondary google calendar so could you also post the settings from the Service provider Wordpress user profile page.

    You can set the 'Auto-Confirm' field to 'Yes' in the 'General' tab and this will automatically 'Confirm' the appointment as long as you have 'payment required' set to 'No'.

    To confirm if you want the Service Provider or Admin to 'confirm' an appointment then this can only be done from the A+ backend not the google calendar.

    If you require payment upfront then the appointment will only be confirmed on receipt of the PayPal IPN.

    Hope this helps

  • EricL

    I have set the 'Auto-Confirm' field to 'Yes' in the 'General' tab to eliminate the issue of not being able to confirm from GCal. (we are not requiring a payment up front). The test worked fine and appeared in the correct calendar. I'll call that part of the issue resolved.


    If service provider creates an appointment in GCal, will it sync to Appointments+ ? If the plugin does provide a way whereby GCal created appointments can be synced to Appointments+, what is the process?

    Thanks for the help, Eric

  • pxwm

    Hi @Vaughan,

    I hope you don't mind me adding my comments but my understanding in the current version 1.2.8 of A+ is:-

    If the appointment is made in the front end or backend of A+ then the appointment will be fully synch'd with the google calendar.

    However if an appointment is made directly in the 'main' google calendar then this will be in a 'reserved by GCAL' status in A+ and will be placed in the 'reserved by GCAL' tab.
    This will send a pending notification to admin if the settings in the 'General' tab are set accordingly.
    You may have to set 'Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required' to 'Yes'.

    If the appointment was made directly in the google calendar against a specific service provider then it will also send a pending notification to the service provider but only if the settings in the 'General' tab are set accordingly.
    You may have to set 'Allow service provider confirm own appointments' to 'Yes'.

    Admin would then have to change the status of the appointment from 'reserved by GCAL to Confirmed and then this would send the relevant confirmation email depending on the settings in the 'General' tab.

    I can confirm that appointments that have been confirmed can be changed directly in the google calendar such as extending the time of an appointment or moving the appointment time/date
    However if you need to cancel/delete a confirmed appointment then this can only be carried in the A+ backend.

    Hope this helps

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