Conflict with Avatars Version 3.9 plugin and Buddypress Version 1.9.2


We have a network with Buddypress (Version 1.9.2) installed on a subsite.

We were using the Avatars plugin to give all blogs on the network avatars for the blogs directory.

The buddypress site was disabling the avatar plugin by itself as it has it's own. We were fine with this.

However, we just updates Avatars for Multisite to Version 3.9 and it breaks the buddypress site.

With the Avatars plugin installed when you visit the buddypress subsite you get the white screen of death (we assume there is a php error in there but have display errors turned off)

We have had to disable the avatars plugin so the BP subsite works again.

We cna live without this plugin for a while, so it's not a major one for us but would be nice to have it fixed as the directory page looks murh without the blog avatars.