Conflict with CustomPress, and Yoast SEO

Cannot create new post using CustomPress custom post types when Yoast SEO plugin is enabled.

Getting the following error in the console:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'settings' of undefined
    at Function.staticRules (jquery.validate.min.js:4)
    at a.fn.init.rules (jquery.validate.min.js:4)
    at HTMLInputElement.<anonymous> (jquery.validate.min.js:4)
    at load-scripts.php:2
    at Function.grep (load-scripts.php:2)
    at z (load-scripts.php:2)
    at a.fn.init.filter (load-scripts.php:2)
    at a.validator.elements (jquery.validate.min.js:4)
    at a.validator.checkForm (jquery.validate.min.js:4)
    at a.validator.form (jquery.validate.min.js:4)

Check this link for more info: