Conflict with 'EventON - Countdown timer' plugin

Hi Wpmu team.

I'm Michael, and I built the sc2online site for Eddie, and am writing on his behalf here.

On our homepage, we have some upcoming events displayed, using the 'EventON' widget, and in conjunction with the add-on 'EventON - Countdown timer' widget, we can also show the time remaining to these international events, accurately regardless of our viewers timezone.

Unfortunately, since installing the wpmu dev chat, once the chat window fully loads, the countdown on the homepage stops. It still shows the timer thankfully, but it no longer counts down to the event.

I've done some basic testing by disabling the wpmu 'chat' widget in wordpress, which successfully removes the problem.

Is this a known conflict? Do you have a work-around we can use?

The site is using the 'Enfold' wordpress theme incase that is relevant. ..

I would grant you access through the wpmu 'dashboard', but I can't see it in my wordpress menu... Perhaps another conflict.. I can set you up with a regular login if you wish.

Thanks for your help