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I bought the dev license of Formidable Pro today. In the main site, Formidable Pro working great but with domain mapping on my sub-domain, I get a popup in browser Chrome and Safari “failed to save value:” and we cannot save the forms.

If I turn off the domain mapping or go to sub-domain address instead of domain mapping, I can create new forms.

I would think the database call is not an issue since it works with the sub-domain access so I am wondering if there is some domain name limitation.

Appreciate your help. I can turn off mapping to get by, but will need to find a solution long term.

I’m using Domain mapping 3.0.7

  • Kimberly
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    so I am wondering if there is some domain name limitation.

    I recall another member having an issue where their domain names were being restricted by their host.

    Unless you are referring to a limitation of the plugin, of which I have not come across anything like that yet, however I’m not very well versed in Domain Mapping.

    I can ping the developer on this if you are willing to wait a bit for him :slight_smile:



  • Sue
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    We use Formidable Pro on both and on Edublogs Campus. We did have issues with it and have to make some adjustments to Formidable Pro. Might be worth checking out Formidable Pro and also what version number we are using?


    Sue Waters

    Edublogs Support Manager

  • Sue
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    Apologies for the delay but needed to do some research to find out more details. We’re using version 1.06.01.

    We made a few enhancements to domain mapping plugin for use on our Campus sites. It could be these that helped with Formidable Pro on Campus rather than any adjustments we made to Formidable Pro. Might be worth Barry grabbing a copy of our domain mapping plugin from Campus to see if that helps?


    Sue Waters

    Edublogs Support Manager

  • aecnu
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    Greetings bmwijaya,

    We have not heard back from you as to the status of this issue.

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    Cheers, Joe

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