Conflict With Gravity Forms, White Screens of Death and Broken AJAX


I'm running into several issues running Membership with Gravity Forms.

Firstly, when Membership is active, Gravity Forms' form builder doesn't work. Clicking a a field to add just does nothing.

Also, any admin screens related to post types are just a white screen. This includes edit.php and post-new.php. edit-tags.php is OK.

The issues go away when either Membership or Gravity Forms is disabled.

I'm also experiencing an issue with the Dynamik Website Builder, where changes won't save, the spinner just keeps going. I think this is probably related to the Gravity Forms issue, as they both use Javascript/AJAX.

Also, installing the WPMU Dev Dashboard breaks the entire admin area.

I've tried Repairing Membership Tables, but it didn't help.

I'm running the latest version of WordPress, Gravity Forms and Membership.