Conflict with J&E and Javo Directory


The plugin has been having some serious conflicts with the theme I have running and, needless to say, I won't be changing my theme.

I've eliminated all other issues - other plugin conflicts etc. Even the WPMU dashboard works ok and causes no issues. But the J&E plugin (particularly, the job upload form) does not function with my theme (works ok with twentyfourteen). Not only that, but some of my theme's features completely stop working when J&E is activated.

I'm using the Javo Directory theme. On the job upload form, I'll see spinning circles at the right end of each form element (suggesting it's waiting on something to load). Additionally, the date picker does not come up when you click in that field, the "add image" button does nothing and the "publish" submit button also does not function.

On the other side, my grid/masonry features from the theme will not display when J&E is activated.

I'm really hoping these issues can be resolved quickly and smoothly.