Conflict with plugins (see text below)

I had posted this a few days back and a staff member named Luis was working on it. I have not heard from him in a few days and he is not answering my messages..... So I am reposting.

after making a selection on this page:

I get sent to this page (supposed to be page where someone can add shipping info):

as you can see, something is broke... can you advise?

Luis wanted me to update my AESOP story engine plugin to the latest version before he worked on the conflicts that he said it was having with Fundraiser.

I informed him that I had AESOP modified and I am not planning on updating it. So he could proceed.

I have had no response..

Can someone help?

  • Milan

    Hello petemarovich,

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    I am really sorry for Luís that he is taking longer time on your this issue, but you know petemarovich, we have been dealing with lots of critical threads since last week. We are trying our best to be on time for each member but some time we can't do this due to lack of time in clock.

    Furthermore I can see that you have posted multiple replies to my Colleague Luís 's post. Do you know that posting multiple replies on same thread without waiting for response from staff member pushes down thread in our backfeed ? So its my request to you that you don't do that.

    Currently I don't have access to your site so I've pinged Luís about your issue again and I request you to enabled support staff access on your affected site so my colleague Luís can take better look at your issue.

    And yes please followup on your previous thread. I've already notified Luis about this so he will get back to you soon. Right now I am closing this topic to avoid any delay and confusion for other community member.

    Again we are really sorry for your time loss. Please wait for some more time.


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