Conflict with WooCommerce and CoursePress Pro

Hi there,
we have CoursePress Pro installed on our site, and are using WooCommerce to put the purchase through since we have already integrated WooCommerce for the store front.

However, recently, there seems to be a conflict now with WooCommerce and CoursePress Pro, unless it's just that things have changed.

When people are already signed in to the members area of the website, they can not purchase the course we have listed on CoursePress Pro. There is no button to do anything. The button has disappeared. When Woocommerce is deactivated, there is a button to enroll.

We are running Woocommerce 2.6.14, php version 5.6.30, CoursePress Pro 2.0.5

I deactivated all of the plugins except Coursepress pro and woocommerce, and we still had the issue. When I deactivated WooCommerce, the button showed up.

We have had it set up to purchase through Woocommerce since we set it up. We tested it out with not being logged in and we are able to sign up for a free account, but once that is done, the button disappears again since we are now logged in.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We have people signing up and they can't do it through the site any longer.