Conflicting information and Display problems.

I found the Recent Global Posts Widget under Buddypress Plug ins. The installation says that you need to install the Avatar plug in for it to function properly which I spent last night doing only to start getting error messages, however, here:
You state that the Avatar plug in should not be used with Buddypress, since Buddypress has it's own Avatar system.

So now I have the plug in installed and it looks nothing like the sample image,all the text is running together, same size and bold.

Now, I have been searching far and wide just to get a simple display of Sitewide posts that shows either an image, or Avatar, with a bolded Headline and an excerpt with each entry separated by some kind of divider or line and spaced properly, not all running together....or at least easily editable. I'm not versed in the code, but if you point me in the right direction, just tell me where it is...I will get it..

Every 'solution' that I have gone through in the past 3 days all say and show that they look like that, but none of them do once installed.

Can you please clear up the installation confusion on this plug in and please recommend what I need to do just to get something so simple accomplished.