Conflicts in my configuration of +appointments

Excuse my bad English. I have two problems with +appointments.

+Appointments is syncronised with my Google Calendar. I use a weekly calendar that displays hours. (See website: One can choose four services (samtalsterapi, parterapi, coaching and handledning). Also, I have made the service providers to Swedish time intervals (clock 8-19,19-21 and weekends). I made this solution because the service and the service provider has different time frequencies and prices.

Problem 1. When I make a booking in my Google calender this is ”closed” in the áppointment calender for service = samtalsterapi, wich is good, but it is not closed för service = parterapi. Since I work with all the services myself it becomes a problem :wink:

Problem 2. It is not possible to reserve time 18-20 when I select the service (Parterapi) and service provider (clock 8-19) in the +appointment calender.I suspect it is because the time is overlapped by service (Parterapi) and service provider (clock 19-21)?

I have solved both problems provisionally by entering all bookings directly in the + appoinment .

I suspect that I have gone about this in the wrong way. Does anyone have a suggestion for solution?