confused about sharing from buddypress feed w/images

I am … I think i’m missing (or trying to understand) the nature of how things work in the environment.

I want my users on the Buddypress to be able to share to Facebook or other places from the Activity feed, and have the link provide the image that they uploaded, and/or go to the post on their profile or such, rather than generally going to the main url of the site.

I’ve looked at Activity Plus, which doesn’t seem to have a share option …

then at couple of Share plugins, which don’t showcase the media but merely go the main site,

then looked at this –>

what will give me the results that I want? Users upload a picture or somesuch on the activity feed (not a full-on wordpress post but an activity feed post) and then they share it to facebook or otherwise, and it inputs the image directly into the Facebook, and then links back to that image or individual post on the activity feed.

I also checked into RTMedia social share, which seemed to link back to the image (as part of RtMedia pro) but am also confused there as to the difference between what they are doing and the WPSSO plugin w/it’s options.

Also, in a related way, when I share posts (using the aforementioned share qualities already present within the Activity feed (which you can see through the plugins i’ve activated, I WILL activate WPMUDEV support over this after this ticket) that have been generated on * other * sites in the network i.e. * not * the main Buddypress site, the featured image is brought across. yet when I share posts that were generated ON the main buddypress site, the featured image does not come across.

So, basically, a number of questions all of which relate to what needs to happen to properly display the featured image from posts on the main site ( … * and * how and why and what is the structure of sharing the proper images from Activity Feed uploads (not featured images from posts) to social sites and leading people back to the network?

Sorry if that was confusing. I’m trying to figure it out. I’ve got a sense of it, but wish to hear some expert WPMUDEV perspective on this as well