Confused between Membership and MailChimp and who to turn to….

Set up Membership and set up MailChimp.

Set up a “Join Us” page in WordPress.

Told Membership the “Join Us” page is the “Registration Page”.

The Join Us page, when loaded says:

Select a Subscription

We have the following subscriptions available for our site. To join, simply click on the Sign Up button and then complete the registration details.

There are no links.

I’m incredibly confused on how to get the MailChimp form to display on the Join Us page.

When I go to MailChimp, I can get the html embed code, but that appears to only have an email address… I wanted the whole form to be embedded.

When I go to membership, it says I’ve connected everything to Mail Chimp; API and everything.. I’ve been troubleshooting this for two days.


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    Figured out I had to make the subscription public. However, I now have to edit the name of the subscription for public audiences and it won’t let me edit or delete the subscription. Also, when the person clicks “sign up” I expected them to get to my customized form that I made in MailChimp… ???


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    Ok.. figured out that I had to remove members to delete the subscription. Still don’t know why I couldn’t rename it with zero members, but that’s ok.

    Now I have to figure out how the “sign up” button can be the MailChimp registration form… not the Word Press form.

  • Kimberly
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    Sorry for the delay here as well, glad to see you are making progress though :slight_smile:

    Mailchimp and Membership are not created to integrate. They work separately and independently, clicking “sign up” will send the user to the membership sign up unless you create your own button somewhere that is not connected to Membership. Are you trying to put Mailchimp signup somewhere in the process of the registration? You can always create a page that has the Mailchimp info and make that your landing page after successful registration.

    I’d love to be of help! It does sound like you may need some custom coding though, if I am understanding correctly.

    “When I go to membership, it says I’ve connected everything to Mail Chimp; API and everything..”

    I am afraid I’m missing the boat here. I am not sure what you are referring to, perhaps a screenshot?



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    Hi Kimberly

    Thanks for the reply.

    I’m actually configuring this for a client.

    Maybe you can just give me a little direction?

    Here is the scenario that I thought was going to happen between the two products – feel free to alter it to correct my errors. Thank you Kimberly.

    1.) Visitor lands on “Join Us” WordPress page.

    2.) They see a “Join Us” Form (this has been created in MailChimp and the form has been embedded into the “Join Us” page).

    3.) Visitor gets a “Thank you for your application for Membership, your information has been sent, please check your email in the next 24-48 hours for your user name and password”.

    4.) The form, because the user filled it out and clicked “submit”, populated the Membership system by creating a new User, an email is sent to an Admin that ‘approves’ the form to verify its relevance, the Admin sends out a user name and pwd to the new user and the form data is sent to MailChimp for future marketing use.

  • Mason
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    Hiya @beactive,

    Maybe we could get a link so we could take a look at this? As Kimberly already pointed out there’s no direct integration between mailchimp and membership.

    You can automatically have folks added to a mailchimp list at the same time as a subscription on your site via something like this:

    But it sounds like you’re looking like a moderation process, correct? So folks sign up but are not approved until an admin does so?

    If so, we don’t currently provide a module for that. Again, a link or screenshot would really help us see what you’re seeing and be able to assist more accurately.


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