Confused: MP and Paypal Payments Pro vs. Paypal Payflow Pro

I'm confused about the PayPal payment gateways in Marketpress.

I've got a new project coming and I want to integrate PayPal Payments Pro with it for MarketPress (this is to compliment and streamline things for a subscription/recurring payments setup I'm going to build using Gravity Forms) however, I'm confused by the payment gateways in MP.

MP seems to support Paypal Payflow Pro, but I can't really figure it all out and I'm hoping someone here can clarify. Is it the same thing? Does MarketPress support PayPal Payments Pro? I know there was a lot of talk some time ago (I found a lot of threads when I searched the forums but only talk about "it's coming").

Part of the confusion is no one's fault here because PayPal has so many payment products and they all bear similar names it is easy for anyone to get confused.

Can you guys clarify this for me? Again, my need is for PayPal Payments Pro (Gravity Forms also uses this and I want to keep both payment methods consistent in this project).