Confusion about Membership 2 Pro wording.

I was testing payment with Stripe (just added) and something funky happened again. The invoice wording actually says " you'll make 4 payments of 0.01" when it actually should be 15 thereafter.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Dr48

    I hope you're well today!

    I tested this on my own setup and was able to replicate the issue. I've set a recurring membership with a payment of 15USD each 3 months and created a coupon for it with 15USD discount, applicable to "the first invoice only".

    However, after signing up for this memberships, I also got "You will pay USD 0.00 each 3 months." message which shouldn't say this because the coupon should be applied to the first payment only (so it should say 15USD each 3 months). This, however, didn't create a stripe subscription for me as it was 100% discount. So I changed the coupon to 14USD.

    This again got me a message "You will pay USD 1.00 each 3 months." on my invoice and also created a subscription at Stripe where I could check the next invoice that's going to be charged on Jan 8th 2019 (3 months for now). This invoice is fine - it's for full 15USD without discounts.

    So, that's a good news because it points only to the Membership 2 Pro wrongly "wording/calculating" that amount on invoice.

    I've already reported this to our developers as a bug and they'll look into it so I believe they'll be able to fix that soon.

    Best regards,

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