Confusion about welcome email between eNewsletter & Automessage

Hi there,

I’m confused about which plugin controls welcome messages. If I install both eNewsletter and Automessage, won’t they both send “welcome” messages when someone registers on my website? eNewsletter says “Automatically send welcome emails to new subscribers”, which is what Automessage does…

Here are my two scenarios, please help me understand eNewsletter and Automessage:

1) visitor enters email address and subscribes to website, does NOT purchase anything

2) visitor purchases a course

in both cases a “new user” is created. How do i control which “welcome” messages go to “subscribers” versus “students”?

I want to send “subscribers” 3-4 emails with past articles, downsell, upsell marketing, I want to send “students” emails about the course they just purchased, and then one email a week for 6-months.

I don’t see how I can achieve that with Automessage. What is the best way to achieve my goals?

Thank you!