Confusion with store URL's and setting homepages.

Hi guys.

Hoping you can help and that i can explain this the best way i can by typing.

So at the moment on my site ( (test being a test store) i have made a page with the shortcode: [mp_list_products order_by="date" list_view="0"] and this is set at the homepage. So when a person who wants to go on 'test' shop they will instantly see the products. Which is working how i want it.

Although when it comes to the menu's this is where the little bugs happen. So when a person clicks on store -> products they are then taken back to a homepage of: This makes the theme layout bug out with the left sidebar riding up into the header.

Ideally when there are numerous different shops i would like the shop admin to be able to link their and it will take them directly to the page just like shop does. But when they click on the store -> products tab i would like it to go back to the homepage url. I think this would be the easiest way of fixing this.

Hope you guys understand what i mean.

Feel free to ask for any more info.


  • Timothy
    • Chief Pigeon

    Hey there.

    We chatted over on the other day :slight_smile:

    Looking at your site if I go to other pages it then knocks the sidebar right down the page (see screenshot).

    When I look at your /test/ site the left menu then overlaps with the centre content. This depends on browser size. This is because your theme is overriding styles and not accounting for the difference.

    For example: @media screen and (min-width: 1080px)

    .site-main .widecolumn {
    		margin-left: 222px;

    That gives it the margin, but then as you shrink the browser (or go mobile) you then go to: @media screen and (min-width: 673px)

    .full-width .site-content {
    		margin-right: auto;

    So you remove the margin left to try and align it more central but that doesn't account for the sidebar. Or include that original margin again.

    You could possibly hide the sidebar for the smaller resolution, would that work for you?

    If so then you could add this to your @media queries:

    .primary-sidebar {

    You could do a redirect but ultimately I'm seeing issue like on various pages due to how the CSS is handling the design at different browser sizes. Probably best to address those.

    Hope this helps.

    Take care.

    • lee
      • Flash Drive

      Hi there Timothy,

      Thank you for getting back in touch. I have been working on a 1080px monitor today and i can see what you mean now. Back on my smaller laptop the whole css is off! on the right hand side.

      I would like anything down to tablets to have the side bar as its a shopping cart, not so much bothered about the right hand sidebar. I'm guessing i have done quite a bad job at CSS although you learn from your mistakes hah.

      What would you suggest i do first, I would like all the widths to be auto so it looks the same on every persons computer. Guessing this is possible right?

      I'm guessing once i have sorted the width problems out i can then ask for more info regarding the linking/menus :slight_smile:.

      Thanks Timothy, rep added!

  • lee
    • Flash Drive

    Hi there,

    Just to update on this. I have edited the styling so it lookes more or less the same once im on a smaller screen. But the issue is still there.

    When i click on the shopping basket is fine, but when i go to products -> store the widget is too high!

    Is there no way of setting the homepage to go straight to when they put in ?

    Just so its clear, test is a test store, i would like people to sign up and enter their shop name. So when they give someone their URL for their store eg, their shop name being 'Flowers' the person who goes to will actually end up at At the moment i am using a page with the shortcode in and its just not working. The layouts are wrong when you click on the two.


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