Confusion with store URL's and setting homepages.

Hi guys.

Hoping you can help and that i can explain this the best way i can by typing.

So at the moment on my site ( (test being a test store) i have made a page with the shortcode: [mp_list_products order_by="date" list_view="0"] and this is set at the homepage. So when a person who wants to go on ‘test’ shop they will instantly see the products. Which is working how i want it.

Although when it comes to the menu’s this is where the little bugs happen. So when a person clicks on store -> products they are then taken back to a homepage of: This makes the theme layout bug out with the left sidebar riding up into the header.

Ideally when there are numerous different shops i would like the shop admin to be able to link their and it will take them directly to the page just like shop does. But when they click on the store -> products tab i would like it to go back to the homepage url. I think this would be the easiest way of fixing this.

Hope you guys understand what i mean.

Feel free to ask for any more info.