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I’m confused on how to reposition the Login buttons. I’m guessing the links and buttons themselves are generated with javascript while the text is generated by a php script.

Could someone please let me know which files are being called here and which files will need to be modified to reposition these buttons. -Thanks

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    Review My Question and felt it was leaving some things out,

    We installed the Ultimate Facebook plugin in our buddypress install. So far its a great plugin.

    We have a couple of random Facebook connect buttons floating around our site.

    Sorry, I can not Send you any links, but i might be able to send some small screen shots.

    In the header we have a "Login with Facebook" button. I think this is due to some coded we added to the header to say login if your not logged in or hello (username) if logging.

    Is it ok to use CSS to change where this show up?

    Also any place we created a login form the "login with facebook" button shows up right above the form.

    We know thats how the plugin should work but is there way to set the button to show up blow the form?

    Then on the Register page there is a big "Register with Facebook" when i turn off Register with facebook, the "login with facebook" buttons disappear. Is it a all or nothing?

    Can we control the placement of this button?

    Would be ok to hide this with CSS?

    Thanks for all the feedback,

    James Tryon

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