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I am a web developer building a site for a client. They want facebook integration. Your ultimate facebook plugin is by far the easiest FB plugin i have ever come accross.
Question: Is there a way i can connect the site to the clients facebook page without them giving me access to their page? I really don't want to force them to go through the app creation process.
Thanks in advance,

  • stormcloud

    Hi Timothy,

    Thanks for your reply.

    The issue i'm having, is that my client already has a FB page setup for their business. What i have done though (although not yet tested), is set up an unused FB page for my business, that i will use to connect the sites to the FB pages. I'm planning on my client giving my "app account" access to their FB page and i can make the connection that way.

    Will see how it goes, unless you can already see a flaw in this method.


  • stormcloud

    Sorry, it does seem a bit confusing when i read it back.

    - My client already has a FB page for their business.
    - I'm creating a website for the business
    - They want to connect FB to their website

    As far as i am aware, in order to create a FB app to allow a website to connect to your FB page, you need to have admin control to that FB page.

    - I don't want to ask my client for access to their FB login to create the FB app.
    - I don't want my client to have to go through the steps needed to create a FB app.

    My plan:
    - Create a FB account that i use to create these "Connection Apps"
    - Have my client add this FB account as an admin on their FB page.

    - My FB account that was used to create the "Connection App" is used as the link between their site and their FB page.

    Am i missing something or going way too far out of my way for this?

  • Timothy Bowers

    If it were my personally then I'd explain to the client the reasons why you need access.

    I'd also say that if they didn't wish to provide you access then you could setup with your own but later they may need to change those APP details to their own. And that using their existing one would be best after all, they only need to add you as an admin whilst you set it up. Once they've granted extended permissions there isn't anything else to do if you've done it for the,

    The thing is what if later you do something with your APP and it breaks communication for the plugin to FB. It just seems to me like a unnecessary extra cog in the works, something else which could go wrong.

    Ultimately it's your decision how you handle it.

    Take care.

  • Timothy Bowers

    So just to confirm, the FB page owner would have to give me their actual login details to set up the APP with their account?

    Nah, they just need to make you an admin of the page and APP.

    The first person i'm doing it for is a friend, but my concern is that someone i've never met is going to be hesitant in giving me their login details which usually allows access to their personal FB account as well.

    You don't need their creds for this. But I understand, I would just mention to them that they're trusting you with their project and their money (if they paid) and I'm sure you will have some firm agreement with them so you're both covered by law.


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