Connecting an external network using domain mapping plugin?

My question is regarding the domain mapping plugin. I don’t think I am completely clear on its purpose.

If I am setting up an EduBlogs Pro type of arrangement where all sites are hosted on the main domain, like; Would domain mapping only give you the option of having your own custom domain name while still being forced to remain within the Edublogs framework? So even if I had my own domain, there would be links at the top navigation which would link back to the main type of site?

Would this mean that if I have a client that wants more control over their branding etc, it would be better to start off building their network on their own domain, rather than on the main Edublogs type of framework?

And if I did it this way, is there a plugin available which would ‘connect’ their site with the other main network? Could I set it up so that some users who are logged in at the client’s branded site can automatically be logged into the main type of site?

If this is the case, the last thing I need to figure out is whether the WP-multi networks plugin will allow me to keep everything all on one main network. But I am not sure what the advantage to that would be. I might as well just put such clients on their own domain with their own Cpanel etc.


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    Hi Dustin,

    The branding can still be done on a per-site basis within Multisite actually, so I’m not sure how best to respond. If you’re referring solely to the admin bar branding, there are things you can do to make that somewhat transparent to users, like hiding the admin bar if users are on the front end of the site.

    For an optimal branded experience I imagine having an independent site might be the best choice, mostly because of the registration process which normally redirects to the main site. But nearly everything can still be branded per-site.

    It really just depends on how you’d like it all to work.

    I think getting logins across single WordPress sites or independent Multisite networks synced can be done and I believe there are services that offer that as a feature (though I can’t recall any links at this time). There’s an article on that as follows though:



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