Connecting Appointments+ to a Custom Post Type

Okay appointments+ is a great plugin with nice features BUT the problem as far as i'm concerned is the architecture.

The most important point is that an appointment is not a Custom Post Type (something using register_post_type() ) but a custom WPMU type :slight_smile:
I mean it might be difficult to extend or reuse easily as a WP standard.
For example if i want this case : a customer has a Project (CPT), few appointments (WPMU plugin) can be added to this project and after each appointment an advice is written (CPT).
Because it's not a CPT, i can't connect the appointment part to the others CPT easily as standard wordpress usually allow ...

A second point is : what happen to the Client-user drop down (when adding a new appointment) if i have 1200 registered users as clients ?...

So Appointments+ fit perfectly to one of my projects but i can't extend it "easily" for a bigger one :slight_frown:

Anyway, thx for your support :slight_smile:

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @alexandre_cieux

    I hope you are well today and thanks for your question.

    I'm afraid when Appointments+ was made, it wasn't done using a standard custom post type, a few months back, one of our other lead developers took over the plugin and has been making great changes.

    I've just been discussing this with him and I'm afraid at the moment, the only way to connect with other types, would really be some custom SQL/database work, but we understand that this isn't really the most simplest way to customize and if it was a custom post type it would be a lot easier.

    When you say the client dropdown, are we talking about the admin or something else? Just there is the service provider dropdown, but the appointments are booked by the client from the front-end, please advise.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • alexandre_cieux

    Hi Jack...
    Thanks for your quick reply i will consider certainly custom SQL queries.
    I expect to be a premium gold member because i like the WMPU work and of course your reactivity, but i was wondering if all plugins are made with this custom architecture which means to me more work...

    For the dropdown, i talk about the users because you can make an appointment in Back-end also...

    Kind Regards,

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