Connecting Snapshot to Google Drive

I want to store backups on Google Drive. When adding this destination, I find the following instructions:

Go to the Google Project Console
Select existing of Add a new Project. If you add a new project you will see a popup. Enter a project name. The Project ID is not important and can be ignored.
Once the Project creation is completed go to the APIs & auth > APIs section. Here you need to enable the Drive API and Drive SDK APIs
Next, go to the APIs & auth > Credentials section. Click on the CREATE NEW CLIENT ID button. In the popup select the Application Type as Web application. In the field Authorized redirect URI copy the value from the Redirect URI field to the left. Then click the Create Client ID button.
After the popup closes copy the Client ID and Client Secret from the Google page and paste into the form fields on the left.

My problem: The (my...) Google Developers Console looks different:
- I cannot find the Drive SDK API
- There is no "CREATE NEW CLIENT ID button in the credentials section

Maybe Google did change something since the instructions were added to the plugin?

Thanks for some help on how to get the "Client ID" and the "Client Secret" that I need to set up the destination for Snapshot.