Connecting Snapshot to Google Drive- Instructions are a joke (and I'm not laughing)

Just started using the wpmudev pro suite. I'm optimistic, but running into back to back to back issues. One of the plugins doesn't play nice with my theme (which has happened with past plugins) and corrupted the .htaccess. Spent several hours troubleshooting this morning with a downed site and a 500 error. When I renamed the mu_plugin file and refreshed, my website was back. Decided to set up Snapshot before I proceed with fixing and testing the other plugins again, but the instructions that come on the Snapshot plugin settings are written by "Google devs for Google devs" formatting. As I don't play too much with APIs, I'm stuck on where to proceed. Sure, I'm the person that usually says "what's this button do?" and pushes it before getting an answer, but it's not really something I want to do with my business as a down website = down profits.

Also, I searched for hours trying to find a tutorial for the Directory, which actually says Listing on my WP side panel (again more easily preventable word confusion). Anyways, zero tutorials were found.

So, here I am, down $300 (I paid for a year) and so far it's crashed my website, and I've had to literally install almost the entire gamut of plugins because one says it needs another to work, and have gotten nowhere with the directory. You'd think there would be a walk through tutorial for each plugin. Instead of tutorials, I'm finding jingle-jangle intro videos with some screen shots and vague literature and lots of very disturbing reviews and I'm really hoping I didn't just waste $300 :slight_frown:
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