connection problem

When I synchronize, error messages such as attachment.

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    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello UB,

    I hope that you have already followed the below steps :

    1: Decide a master site (From which the users would be synced to the other sites) and activate the plugin on that site. And make that site Master by clicking as per screenshot1 (On Make this site the master site)

    2: That would give you a URL of the master site and a security key as the screenshot2

    3: Copy the URL and Key

    4: Go to the sub site you want the users synced on, and make that a sub site (Screenshot3)

    5: Enter the URL and KEY of the master site on the next page (Screenshot4)

    6: You are done (Screenshot5)

    I hope that the above steps and the below screenshots would be able to help you fix the issue. If not, lemme know and I would be around.


  • MD
    • The Crimson Coder

    Before this description, I was doing that.
    That I give you the file before, the screen appeared "can not connect....." when I press the button to synchronization, and automatically removed my main site settings.

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    Hey MD, that is really strange as I could not replicate the issue on any of my test installs.

    I would however suggest you to reinstall the plugin once, and also see if any other plugin might be causing the issue to happen.

    To check plugin incompatibility, disable all plugins apart from User Sync and see if the issue disappears.

    Then one by one activate the plugins and see if you are able to recreate the issue and that way we can find out any bad plugin if its causing issue.

    Please advise


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