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I'm new to Wpmudev, and I need a little help.
I want to sell maintenance services for existing blogs, websites, ecommerce.
I would like to offer 3 different packages of services with monthly payments. The services are based on the tools that wpmudev offers.
That is to say, the client will pay a monthly amount and in return, we will take care of the SEO on page, optimize the loading times, etc..
Well, what plugin or plugins from your list do you recommend so I can build a site for my customers?
- I need to sell services with recurring payments
- A ticketing system for my customers to submit questions
- A private user area

I hope you can advise me, thank you.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Epic Tales Media Ltd,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I think the foundation of your site could be our Membership 2 Pro plugin:


    It would let you create "packages" (called memberships) that can be automatically charged (e.g. via Stripe or PayPal) on a recurring basis so you customers could select their "maintenance plan", register for it and would be automatically billed and charged.

    The plugin would also let you protect some areas of the site based on the members so you could create multiple "private areas" - for example some docs and blog posts available only to members of selected memberships and so on. Take a look at plugin docs for more insight on this, please:


    As for tickets. There's a "Support System" plugin that can work as a simple "support ticketing" and "FAQ" tool:


    It's a basic solution though so you might need to test it first to see if it would suffice for your needs. If you need some more advanced solution, you could consider for example:


    The Membership 2 Pro plugin has multiple ways of protecting content so I believe it can be used along with this and many other plugins of that kind.

    Best regards,

  • sushling
    • The Bug Hunter


    for recurrent billing and payment you can use WooCommerce plus their Subsription-Extention. You can setup different packages matching to your needs :slight_smile:

    WPMUDEV provides a ticket-system for WordPress here

    A "private user-area" - as far as I understand - will be automatically provided for clients you have at least signed-up for one of your WooCommerce-plans or you have submitted a ticket. I have no experience about if WooCommerce and Support-System are adding their clients via standard WP-user, but I guess this is how it's done.

    As soon as a client subscribes for one of your WooCommerce packages, you can request admin-access to their sites and deploy all WPMUDEV-plugins that you want to apply. The client will not see the WPMUDEV-Dashboard! However, the dashboard-plugin will be visible on the wp-dashboard-plugin page.

    Other than the WPMUDEV-Dashboard plugins will be visible to the user. You may want to use their Ultimate-Branding-Plugin (UB) in order to customize the other plugins. Just setup your brand in UB in one WP and export settings to every new client-wp, it's easy.

    Deploying "your" plugins is one thing. In case your client wants to run his site on poor or slow hosting, it will be tough to optimize their loading times. In case you want to convince clients to move to other hosts, keep in mind, that most clients not only have their websites hosted, but also their domain-mail. A hosting-provider with the ability to resell hosting, manage your clients hosting, migrate wp-sites and provide a solid mail-hosting is worth to look for. There are some hosting-providers, who you can even use to bill your clients, like flywheel. Then you wouldn't even need your own billing-solution :wink:

    Hope this helps a bit, have a nice day,

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