Consolidating information from 3 AffiliateWP into one [separate] install

I hope it is okay to ask questions that have nothing to do with WPMUDEV plugins here. I tried asking at Stack Exchange, but got nothing, so here goes.
I am not even sure this is possible, so I guess that is the first question. If it is possible, I will probably hire a professional to do the work.
We run a home party plan business. We have one installation where our consultants log in and they can get training videos and documents and communicate with eachother, etc. etc. I am pretty much using all of WPMUDEV plugins in this installation!
There are then 3 installation of three different product offers that the consultants market. Each of these installations has an installation of AffiliateWP.
Right now, our consultants have to log in, separately, to each shop to view statistics and sales, etc.
Is it possible to pull information from these 3 shops and consolidate all that information into the One "members only" backend?
So that the consultants could log in to just one place and be able to view the stats from all 3 shopping sites?
Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.